Visit to Chandigarh

Hey guys after an amazing vacation (at least in my head) I am back with one of my first travel edition blog post. In this segment I shall be speaking about the places I visited while being in Chandigarh. as an architectural enthusiast, we obviously visited those places looking more on architectural details.

So here it goes guys the places we visited and their significance.

  1. Nek Chand rock garden

One of the most beautiful gardens I have seen shall be this one. This is an informal garden made all from waste and surplus materials. Thus, all the sculptures made and all the flooring done is done with surplus materials.

One funny fact about this was, the person who did the first installations was doing it illegally and did not have permission of the government. Later on, when the government realized how useful his installation was for the tourism, they converted this whole area into the park by imitating his works later on.

The planner wanted to depict the lifestyle of an Indian throughout the park, his emotions, the way Indians lived etc. Thus, throughout the park you see installation depicting the same. Specially at the doll museum you will see the life of a person in the partition. The door heights are kept small, depicting that we Indians bend over to greet our guests every time. Small details like these really impressed me.

The whole garden as said is an informal garden with fortress architecture within. Other elements which will attract the viewers is the fact of designing the park to touch the senses of the passer by. Lots of waterfalls created in different scales to soothe the ears.

You will not feel as in you are.

  • Capitol complex

Capitol complex is a set of three main government buildings which govern the whole state capital. High court, Assembly and Secretariat building. All designed in brutal architecture while being climate responsive.

Corbusier designed these buildings while considering the climate of Chandigarh being at extreme condition. Thus, outside the palace of assembly and the high court you shall see a water body for hot and dry summer of Chandigarh.

Lot of wind movement is allowed throughout these buildings. And as the massing is done with beton brut in cold temperature the heat is maintained within the buildings. to make sure that these buildings have their own privacy, Corbusier installed a hill as a landscape element which blocks the view from the approaching road.

  • Le Corbusier centers

To those who do not know, Corbusier designed and planned the city of Chandigarh post-independence. Thus, his then office is converted to the le Corbusier museum now. Usage of concrete, bricks, jute lack panels and glass are extensively used here.

Jute lack panels are used over the doors and windows. The roof was a combination of sloped structures and thin shell structure. Lots of ribbon windows to provide ample amount of sunlight within the interiors.

Museum talks a lot about how the planning was done, the letters exchanged for the discussion taking place etc.

There is also an modular man installation by him to pass on his legacy to the generations of architects after him.

Overall for any architectural enthusiast and for travel enthusiasts, Chandigarh is the best place to visit to.