Elements of Design

Designing is a tough job to complete. We as designers have to think about lot of aspects to make that perfect design. Thus, sometimes it’s easy to come up with certain basics which will help us in doing so. These are called elements of design. These elements are not only helpful to architects but artists and also fashion designers.

So, all the designers reading this, take your notepad out and start recording all this. You can thank me later 😊.

  1. Point

Point or a dot is the first key element of all. It defines the starting point of any design or a line.

Let’s try something, take a paper and pen, in the middle, draw a dot. After staring at it continuously, you will see that your brain starts making up notions automatically. Just a dot will create an artistic picture in your head. Now add one more to this, your brain shall make a line out of it. Many artists have creating a painting an art form with dots called pointillism. It also serves as a calm therapy to your mind.

  • Line

Two dots when joined together forms a line. Now you may think, what will a line do to create a design. The line creates a pattern which make your eye move along with them. Example of a wood, the lines on a wooden log make you travel along with them. Our floor tiles have plenty amount of lines in them, which make them interesting. Try placing two or more line together and create wonderful patterns. Combination of vertical and horizontal lines create patterns which are highly used in today’s world.

  • Shape

A shape is a two-dimensional body. When two or more lines join together to form a particular closed form it is called a shape. There can be geometric shapes like rectangle, square or there can be organic shapes which have a certain free flowing pattern in them. Earlier the shapes were inspired by nature, the shape of a mountain, sun, spider web, shells etc. These days we opting for a combination of all the geometric shapes to create a certain play in our design.

  • Form

A shape having depth is called a form. For example, a circle is a shape but a sphere is a form.  These forms can be either geometrical or organic again. Organic forms are inspired by natural organic shapes, like the streamline shape of a fish, jelly fish, trees and branches etc. All you have to do is observe all the forms around you and take inspiration from them.

  • Texture

Textures is the feel of the form or a surface. Textures in a design tells us about how we feel when we look at them. For example, when we use wooden furniture, we know how a wooden texture is. The rough textured on the walls is the best way to enhance a plain empty wall.

  • Space

Where a shape of form occupies, it is called a space. Mostly we categorize space as positive or negative. We define a positive as a solid form, and negative as a void. Space is very important because that’s where everything exists. Always create a pattern of positive and negative forms or shapes to make the best of designs.

  • Color

Color play is one of my favorites of all. Color adds character to your design. Using the right color palette always works. Try also adding, shades and tints. Shades of colors can be added by using black in the color, whereas tints are the lighter hues of that color. Using of a lighter color with something bright is the best way to achieve a good design.