These days wherever we go, as an interior designer we often find only one problem to be seen. Cluttering of the interiors is a problem that occurs when we find a lot of furniture accommodated in a smaller area specified or we tend to find lot of accessories with not much of storage spaces. The answer to all these problems is very simple. Making a clutter free house is todays topic.

Clutter free zone is very easy to achieve. One might have to work and understand more about there houses, but the problem has a very simple solution. Houses which are clutter free are said to be minimalistic and elegant to look at. Minimalistic is the new trend going on in the interiors market.

Let’s make some rules people must follow to make a clutter free zone.  These rules are little hard but the output is great.

  • Orientation of furniture

Orientation of furniture should be apt and on point. We can’t orient our sofa set to be in front of our doors. Imagine a house where you enter and you find a sofa to sit on. You should allow the movement to take place. This allows our eyes to believe the room is spacious. As they say first impression is the last. Two sofa sets places against the wall facing each other is the best solution in this case.

Orientation of our bed also plays a major role. Always orient the bed in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct your way to other activities taking place. Thus, placing the bed in centre in larger area room and in corners for smaller room is the best solution. Placing the wardrobe opposite to it or towards the side will be more apt.

  • Size matters

Size of your furniture in your house plays major role in creating and illusion whether the room is spacious or not. Buying sofa set which is huge in proportion to the size of the room is not applicable. If your room is longer in vertical axis, prefer buying sofa which is longer in that orientation. L shape sofas are suitable if you have a l shape wall of same size. This will make the room look more spacious.

If you have a wardrobe which takes half the room due to its size, it’s time to re change it. Having a wardrobe placed within the walls serves our problem. But in case you need more storage always measure your room and buy the product in proportions to that.

  • Storage spaces

One way to always make your room clean and clutter free, is to hide all the clothes and heap of things inside your closets or storages. This is the best way I apt for. Having storage spaces in all rooms are key to making any room look more spacious and easy to walk in. if a room is small and a lot of storage cabinets cannot be accommodated, a person can opt for vertical storage. This helps in creating movement below and also make it look more spacious.

One should understand that the key to keep a house clutter free is to keep it open. Thus, people should not buy much of the furniture. Understanding the circulation spaces also is necessary. Never place a furniture which obstructs the pathway to another room.

In the end we can say way to a spacious house planning is right in front of us we just need to get rid of the clutter.

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