Welcome back everyone! Last blog was all about plants which suited best in your living areas (bedroom and the hall). This blog will be giving us a glimpse of all the plants which are suited best in places where we mostly do our work. Interiors of kitchen, bathroom and other such corners of a house requires plants which withstand the extreme weather and climatic condition. Without further a do lets just dive into the list of plants which I feel are the best for kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen is a place where most of the chefs of the houses spent their time in extreme harsh weather condition. Sometimes its too hot or sometimes the humidity rises so much that you can extract oil from your face to be used. In such cases plants which are easily maintained and can withstand such conditions are to be planted.

  1. English Ivy

A perfect plant which has a variety of health benefits is best choice when hung on the window above the sink. It purifies the air and keeps the bacteria away. Make sure it gets direct sunlight and its always from any creature that has four legs and can walk.

  • Aloe Vera

One of the plants which can be used in the time of emergency. Aloe Vera is quite handy to be planted in kitchen as its low maintenance and can withstand all the conditions at ease. They say it’s a “plant of immortality “as its very hard to kill this plant.  Next time when your mom has any burns while cooking, do not forget to cut a slice of the leave and apply the gel to her.

  • Aluminum plant

One of the most common of all, found in restaurants as its very low maintained plant. The perfect part about this plant is its coloring. the blend of all white and green long leaves adds the aesthetics to your kitchen you all have been waiting for. Just plant it in a pot and hang it in your kitchen and do not forget to keep this away from air conditioners or heaters.

  • Spider evergreen

A plant which comes with a health beneficial package always suits our interiors. This plant is known to remove all toxins, odor, fumes and other such pollutants. Easy to maintain, can thrive in all conditions and best part it adds aesthetics to your kitchen when teamed up with a bright color pot. Next time you go on buying in nursery, do not forget to purchase this for sure.

Have you ever imagined there can be plants kept in bathroom? Most of us think, as there is no light or ventilation, no plant would withstand such state of climate. But we actually are wrong and a landscape architect will give a huge list of plants to be kept in our bathrooms.

  1. Cast iron plant

Do not go by the name, its not a plant which is as heavy as the name sound. It’s a plant with low maintenance and called cast iron cause its hard to kill. It surely withstands the extreme state of a bathroom and also enhances the greenery cause of its wide leaves.

  • Bamboo

One of the best plant and the most common of all. It is best because it grows on its own, does not take much of a space and also pleasing to look at. Take a nice-looking pot and just add bamboo of whichever size you please and add the right aesthetic your bathroom always needed.

  • Begonia

 A plant which adds color to your bathroom with the combination of red and green, Is a perfect way to add the décor you have always looked for In your bathroom. Grows in the climatic conditions of hot and humid and can also handle low and indirect lighting.

  • Ferns

There are a wide range of ferns available in market with the change in size or the maintenance. But most of the ferns are best suited to grow in humid climate with low lighting. Add a fern near your sink area and see the magic it adds to your bathroom interior.

That’s all for today, do not forget to share your comments on this indoor plant series and also share this with your friends. Until the next weekend, glam up your interiors with all the plants mentioned.

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