How to design your garden or terrace gardens.

Ever wondered what can be done with your huge space on terraces or even with your lawns in front of your houses. Creating a space where you can relax, have a cup of tea in the morning is very important. Most of just try adapting plantation or kitchen garden in our backyards and then placing some patio furniture along with it. But we can do wonders designing our gardens.

In todays segment we shall speak about landscape architecture. The art of designing the outdoors with certain hardscape and softscape elements is called landscape architecture. In other words, designing the gardens with certain concrete structure and plantation is called landscape architecture.

Below are some major elements to be consider which will make us understand how to go about with designing your gardens or terrace gardens. Here I shall not be speaking about the kind of plants we can use, I have already written that in my previous posts (the link will be added below).

  1. Levelling

Before starting any landscape project, we shall make sure that we know the different levels or contours of the land. This will make sure that we get to know about the natural water flow. Now with this land we have few options. grading can be done that is altering the levels, we can either fill the earth or cutting can be done. This will make sure that there is rhythmic pattern created in our design. Simultaneously you should be laying the drainage pipes.

  •   Zoning

Understanding your shaded areas, your light areas so that you can place your furniture accordingly is important. Most of the time when our house is west facing, we like placing our garden on east side. This is simply because there is more shade in the evening towards our garden. But if this is not the case always plant tall trees towards the south west or west direction so that they cast their shade towards your garden. Creating small pockets of shade where you can relax on your furniture. This can be achieved by designing a pergola, trellis etc.

  • Planning

The next step after understanding zoning of your garden is , planning. How you gonna plan your garden to fulfill your desire? there are two ways in which planning can be done. There are formal garden in which you see everything at a glance and then there is informal, which is creation of pockets everywhere so that each pocket again acts as one secluded space. Most of the time we see formal gardens in Japan. But personally, I like Informal’s to be the best.

  • Materials

There are various materials which can be used under hardscape elements. the most maintenance free is the usage of tiles for pavements. We can create wonderful patterns and then fill them up with tiles of smaller tile. These days we get tiles having various textures, we can choose from stoned tile, brick tile or even a grass one. As you try out bold fashion statement, I call them bold interiors.

The next material which can be used is the concrete. Concrete furniture or concrete pavement mixed with softscape is always a go to. Always try to balance the dull color of concrete with fresh green color of plants or a grass patch.

The other best material and an all time favorite for all are the wood and bamboo. Creating a raised platform with wooden beams and putting a rope light fixture below it , plays for everyone. Bamboo cladding on walls or bamboo fencing also works. If we can not spend so much and it’s little heavy on pockets we can always opt for bamboo can furniture or décor which will enhance the garden overall.