Indoor plants

Do you have a space in your house which you want to transform into looking like outdoors? A space or a corner which looks vacant as no furniture fits. These spaces can be turned upside down with a simple trick. A Dutch research reports that, a patient room having indoor plants tends to reduce stress levels then compared to others.

Todays article is all about indoor plants as requested by many viewers. A house having plants within transforms the interiors to look livelier. Since the early ages one thing has never changed is the love human have over nature.

These days most of the people look for changing your indoors to look more like the outdoors. In this case most of the designers design their homes filled with plants, grass patches etc. But one must understand to stay minimal.

We shall be discussing each room separately and what all plants can be placed at what places to change the perception of your house.

Let’s start with the most private space in your house – The Bedroom. Bedroom is a place where one spends most of his time, a place where one feels himself. Therefore, adding touch of plants would make it look more natural. As a bedroom is a zone having ample amount of light, opting for plants which tends to grow more in this situation is best. Thus, opt for plants such as

  1. Jasmine

This plant has been declared to be one of the best plant to be grown indoors, because of its aura and also because it has a soothing effect on the mind which helps in our sleep.

  • Lavender

Another one with health benefits, lavender reduce crying in the babies and helps them to fall asleep. Apart from that which person doesn’t like the smell of lavender?

  • Snake plant

Always a plus to grow this plant in your house. This is low maintenance and releases oxygen in night, thus purifying the air.

Coming to our living spaces or as you call hall in a house, adding two or three plants in a corner along with your sofa set gets you no harm. In fact, living spaces having plants scattered here and there, makes it look fresh and increases work productivity. Let’s list down few plants for our living spaces. (note- plants for living spaces should be much bigger in size to look spacious.)

  1. Areca palm

One of the most common of all and actually one of the best. It acts as air humidifier by removing all toxins from the air. Areca palm teamed up with a very classy pot becomes the best ever statement piece in your house.

  • Bamboo plant

One of the ‘Feng shui’ plant and actually the best plant to grow without no sunlight. You can buy this plant in small sizes and place it on your center table or just buy two sizes bigger to be placed in a vase in a corner.

  • Other aesthetics plants

There are other plants which are low maintenance and add a lot of high beat touch to your living space. They sometimes do not have any special benefits but when teamed up with some up class interior show pieces can alter your house looks.

In the upcoming blogs we shall be speaking about indoor plants for kitchen as well as bathroom. Do leave in a comment if you want to know about simple tricks to recycle old plastics to be used for gardening.

Until next time keep your indoors filled with plants and do share pictures showing off your indoor plants on my Instagram handle.

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