Do you have a space in your house which you want to transform into looking like outdoors? A space or a corner which looks vacant as no furniture fits. These spaces can be turned upside down with a simple trick. A Dutch research reports that, a patient room having indoor plants tends to reduce stress levels then compared to others.

Welcome back everyone! Last blog was all about plants which suited best in your living areas (bedroom and the hall). This blog will be giving us a glimpse of all the plants which are suited best in places where we mostly do our work. Interiors of kitchen, bathroom and other such corners of a house requires plants which withstand the extreme weather and climatic condition

Ever wondered what can be done with your huge space on terraces or even with your lawns in front of your houses. Creating a space where you can relax, have a cup of tea in the morning is very important. Most of just try adapting plantation or kitchen garden in our backyards and then placing some patio furniture along with it. But we can do wonders designing our gardens.

When you think about landscaping, the two things that come in your mind are hardscape and softscape. In the last segment we covered briefly about soft scaping your garden. In this blog let’s look upon the topic of hardscaping. We are going to answer four majorly asked question about the same while showing one design idea.

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