Rhythm of lighting

Throughout centuries the only difficulty any person has faced while setting up his own house was to understand the rhythm of lighting. Whether it be understanding the angle of natural light entering our house or placement of artificial lighting fixtures.

Let us break down few basics rules to understand the concept of lighting.  From early history, we can conclude the fact that more the natural light entering our homes better will be its interior architecture.  The amount of light entering any room depends on how much time is spent in that room.

For example, if it is a living room we need more light compared to the bedroom during the day. Allowing maximum amount of natural light according to the purpose is the main key to deck up your house.

In this image you can see that the skylight above and the glass doors have created more impact on the living room. If this room was without these two, it would have been more difficult to sit here throughout the whole day. No ample amount of light creates a negative impact and effects our mood. We rather feel lousy and lethargic.

Its similar with a kitchen. Kitchen is a place where people are almost half of the day, specially our mom’s. providing a space where they feel energetic to work and need not need any artificial source for lighting is our aim.

In the above two pictures, one can automatically adapt and tend to like the right-hand side rather than the left. This is simple to understand. In the first kitchen there is no amount of natural light entering the premises. This makes any person lethargic and increases our productivity. It also effects the food quality.

The whole point of kitchen being in southern east (as per Vaastu) is to allow ample amount of light during the day to kill the unnecessary bacteria. In early history, kitchen used to be out in the open below bright daylight. This would satisfy both the needs of ample light as well as ample air circulation.

Thus, we need the natural day light most in the kitchen rather than any other room.

When it comes to bathroom, we do not need direct light. Window fixtures at ventilator height or skylights solve the purpose. It should be made sure that privacy should be maintained while considering the window fixtures.

Bedroom lighting is the easiest to decide. Focusing the light on the bed or towards it solves the purpose. Natural light coming from the windows have a calming effect on our mood and emotions, however no light can or poor lighting can trigger depression. Apart from focusing of light towards the bed we can spread the light towards a study table or a dressing area if it is present in the bedroom.

Thus, we can conclude on how natural lighting penetrating our houses play a major role in effecting our mood and productivity.

All the images are only used for understanding purpose, the author does not owns any copyrights of the images.

Coming soon-  How to create more lighting in the interiors…

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