As we grow old our choices of interiors evolve. It may change due to our convenience or sometimes change due to our health betterment. Many people do not understand the importance of how interiors play a major role in this issue. Todays article is all for our grandparents.

They say a person is a child twice in his life. Once when he is born and other when he is actually living his last days. One thing is common in both the situation. The interiors of our houses have to be very specific. Baby proofing the house is a phrase everyone has heard. But the perspective of altering the interiors for our grandparents is something India is still adapting on to.

Let’s formulate some interior changes needed for the last phase of our life.

  1. Non-slippery flooring

The main problem all the elder people face is the fear of falling due to a slippery flooring. Marble flooring or laminated flooring is not a good idea to be used. Ceramic and porcelain tile are by far the most popular bathroom floor covering options. Some flexible coverings, like linoleum for example, are an interesting alternative for bathroom floors.

  • Height of the furniture to be used in the house hold plays a major role. We often find our grandparents finding it difficult to sit and get up. They tend to take some support for doing this chore. Thus, making furniture which is suitable to them and helps them to get up easily without causing any strain to them is always advisable.

3. Providing external aid in bathroom.

Bathroom is a private space where no one can invade the privacy.  it’s very important as an interior designer to provide old people with some external aid thus preventing any second person from entering their privacy. This can be done by putting two or more handrails wherever necessary. It should be made sure that the heights of WC and wash basin also get raise for better accessibility.

4. Playing with eyes

All the above were few amendments that were necessary for their safety and there convenience according to the age. Apart from these, we also need the house to be lively and happy to live in.

This can be done by playing with sober yet vibrant color patterns on the wall. Using a plain white background on the wall and applying a smaller pattern with usage if bright colors to balance is the best possible way to enhance the interiors. Not using the darker shades of the colors on the wall is more advisable. The darker shades tend to make the room look duller and also absorbs the light making it look dark. Placing of plants with this adds a cherry on top.

All the above are few basic things to be done to enhance our house for the betterment of our elders. We should also make sure there are not much of a level change or stairs within the house.

Always remember the interior of our houses depends on our convenience, thus making small amendments like these may enhance the premises even more.