How to design a kid’s bedroom

While reading this blog, we all will surely have a flashback of our childhood memories being poured in. Most of us have fabulous houses with lavish interiors done. But what we most tend to forget is, is it kid friendly? We often generalize one specific room to be the kids room and then dump all their toys and accessories in it. Meanwhile all this is happening, we mostly forget the fact that the kid might not like it.

In todays blog we shall break down few simple interior hacks for the little toddlers in our houses. We shall glance upon the flooring type, color palette and how to make it more interesting in a child’s perspective.

I had a recent encounter of this amazing place known as “Jac n Jill” which is a play area for kids in Hyderabad. The interiors of that place were done quite well yet minimalistic. The whole theme of the place was for the kids to enjoy while the parents sip their beverages at leisure. Today   I shall decode the art of getting amazing interiors done for the kids.

  1. Flooring

When you first try to make a cake or a pastry, the first thing you prepare is the base. Like that the first thing of a kid’s room should be its floor. for obvious reasons you cannot use the normal marble or any vitrified tiles. These days with the help of technology we have an innovative floor mattress called the rubber flooring.

These come in tiles of various sizes and shapes which can easily be installed. Apart from its diverse range to select from, the best benefit of these are that they are non-slippery and prevent bruises.

  • Wall installations

Any viewer reading this who has climbed his or her wardrobe or the window railing please raise your hand and comment below 😊 . its very hard to keep a child at one place. So why not make some wall installation which allow you to climb your own wall, play with the installation which keeps them quite and you at piece.

  • Color palette

Bright colors tend to be more appealing to kids rather than light color shades of a color wheel. For a kid all that matters are their energy level. Looking at a bright color wall or bright color objects near them tend to boost up their mood rather than making them lethargic. Thus, color shades of yellow, green, blue, pink or red etc. are the main colors to be used. These days we see the same colors being used in matte paint shade, which creates a smoother texture.

  • Storage spaces

When storing keep two things in mind, whether the kids should be able to reach or you want to keep it away from them. Making a rhythmic pattern out of the storage space or keeping it simple and yet classic is all up to us. If your room does not have any main element via the wall color or lighting fixture, it’s better to create some attraction through the storage. We can opt for a house shaped storage closet or a simple box placed randomly. This helps in encouraging a kid with their different developing traits.

There are few examples down below which elaborate the above points in detail. That’s all for todays, do comment below and share the link if you like it.