Day in Danube Home

Hey guys, welcome back. I know I have been MIA for quite some time now. But trust me many things have happened since then. I got to represent two brand deals, my thesis topic got finalized and also our Instagram family is growing day by day.

Talking about the brand deals, I was delighted to be invited for the launch of Danube Home, first ever store in India in our very own city of Hyderabad. The store launched on 1st November and is a part of Dubai based diversified business Danube group. The brand is known for its wide range of home furnishing, décor, furniture, electrical and chandelier, dinnerware, glassware, flooring solutions and garden furniture at affordable prices. Spread across 60,000 square feet in Sarath city mall, Gachibowli, is a place for all the shopaholics like me to go wild. If you are a person who loves to decorate your house in contemporary or with antique furniture this is a place for all of you.

In this segment of the blog, we shall speak upon their wide range of products and the ones I loved.


Starting with my most favorite product by them, “the sticker on tile” at least I call them so. These are the tiles which you just have to stick over your furniture or wall, wherever you like. They are mostly in mosaic designs with metallic effect. Can be used best over a wall behind a huge chunk of dresser cabinet, the wall which you want to highlight, kitchen walls etc.

In other range they have foam tiles which are mostly used in interiors for cladding purposes.


Coming to furniture, they offer a very broad range. Whether you want to go with contemporary, modern, traditional wood carved, they have everything covered under one roof. The most interesting thing I found in their store was the garden furniture. Sofas, couches, chairs, swings, tables etc. the complete set will be available at your door step. The fact they have all the types of furniture covered to serve the different tastes of people is something very good.

Home décor

If you are a person who loves to have decorated small pockets in your house, you must visit this store. These small bundles of joy have something to enhance your house even further. Candle holders, decorative glasses, decorative plates to welcome your guests with chocolates or dry fruits kept in them are also found here. The intricate designs on them is a cherry on top.

Light it away !

If you all know me, you know that I love lights, light shades, lamp shades and not to forget chandeliers. Danube home has spectacular collection of chandeliers, which would suit your design ideas. They have a range of old traditional chandeliers plus some modern ones for your home. If you are a person with a double height living room, then you must visit the store to choose your favorite pick. Apart from that they also have decorative lights, wall fixtures etc.

Apart from this they have flooring, furnishings bathroom fixtures etc. Best part about them, that it is located at Gachibowli and is one of its own kind for the people living there. According to me I give them a big thumbs up and welcome Danube Home to Hyderabad.

That’s all for now guys, hope you liked toady’s segment, until next time, Keep decorating!