Add some color to you room

Hey guys welcome back, the much, much awaited blog segment is here. As you all know recently, on my Instagram handle I have posted a picture asking you to comment on with your favorite color and I shall try designing a room with the same. So here it is!

Antoni Gaudi once said “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outline and structural planes seem more energetic”. Wise words by wise man. It is true that certain color adds definite energy to your room. Whether it be your study room where you need bright warm colors or else your balcony which needs cool color shades to calm you down.

 I have picked up two colors for now and teamed up both with white to balance it. These two colors being pink and black are quite commonly used but can be twisted and turned to suit our design ideas.

  1. Stripes

If your room has a huge accent wall which is longer lengthwise and not by height, then always opt for vertical stripes. This makes your room looks bigger and spacious. Pink and white stripes as we all know are girl’s favorite. You can choose baby pink or hot pink as me, it’s all up to your taste.

  • Teaming up

When opting for pink room especially hot pink always go for teak wood furniture or rustic furniture. This adds a certain royal touch to your bedroom. I have opted for an antique canopy bed. With a perfect combination of white and pink spread over the bed, it just enhances the bed even more. The pillows are arranged in traditional format with one resting against each other with the support of the headboard here.

Patterned pillow covers, especially floral once acts like a cherry on top.

Even though pink is a girly color, in this design it looks quite chic and trendy!

  • Monochrome

Black and white have been a classic. But while people do choose white color, black is often ruled out due to the fact that it makes the room darker. But teaming this color with perfect amount of white can be the solution. Here instead of going plain white, I have added white brick wall to add the focal element.

  •  Teaming up

In the previous design we opted for all antique and traditional furniture, but here the case is different. The modern contemporary style of furniture bearing black and white theme perfectly fits our design.

Even here I have used striped wall but instead of going vertical I have gone horizontal to make the room spacious. The main idea to do so was to cover up for the opposite wall which is totally hidden with wardrobe and the built-in bed.

Note that I have opted for white translucent curtain, which cover the wall from top to bottom in both the cases. This adds light to your whole room thus brightening it up. Blending the perfect amount of white which makes the room brighter and livelier is important.

Thus, you can see how I have changed the perspective of these two colors used in the same room dimensions but with completely different furniture and style of design.

There were two other colors which you guys have commented with, which I will be using later on in other designs soon. Till then do let us know if you liked this segment by commenting below. All designs are and can be executed by us, you can contact us for the same.