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Throughout centuries the only difficulty any person has faced while setting up his own house was to understand the rhythm of lighting. Whether it be understanding the angle of natural light entering our house or placement of artificial lighting fixtures.
Let us break down few basics rules to understand the concept of lighting

People who have a lot of natural light flooding in their rooms are really the blessed one’s. But what about those people who do not have this situation going on in their rooms. This article is all about you people, who are figuring out how to increase and improvise the condition. You might need natural light to study a book, record a video, or even take that perfect click.

Since early history walls have been decorated with paintings on them.. Many were done on the exterior but recently the era has been changing. We have started to adapt to the wall paintings done in the interiors, enhancing it further more. Let’s find few ways in which wall paint techniques can transform your place.

As we grow old our choices of interiors evolve. It may change due to our convenience or sometimes change due to our health betterment. Many people do not understand the importance of how interiors play a major role in this issue. This article is all for our grandparents.

In today’s blog we shall break down few simple interior hacks for the little toddlers in our houses. We shall glance upon the flooring type, color palette and how to make it more interesting in a child’s perspective.

Danube group is known for its wide range of home furnishing, décor, furniture, electrical and chandelier, dinnerware, glassware, flooring solutions and garden furniture at affordable prices. If you are a person who loves to decorate your house in contemporary or with antique furniture this is a place for all of you.

Antoni Gaudi once said “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outline and structural planes seem more energetic”. Wise words by wise man. It is true that certain color adds definite energy to your room. Whether it be your study room where you need bright warm colors or else your balcony which needs cool color shades to calm you down.

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